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    The auto shipping sector is distinctive. A distinctive consumer experience is thus required. In the field of auto shipping, negotiations between the Brokers and the Carriers, two separate organizations of shipping specialists, are ongoing. You will want the assistance of a Broker to locate the most appropriate Carrier for the job in order to have your vehicle moved. The Client-Broker Alliance is what we refer to as.

    Your HS Logistics broker will make sure that transporting your vehicle is simple and economical through this back-and-forth communication with a national network of Carriers competing for your business.

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    Journey of your vehicle from pick-up to the drop-off location.
    (and some things that you should need to do).

    In The Begining

    whenever you place an order with a car shipping business. At the time of dispatch, the auto shipping firm designates an auto transport carrier for you. When you placed your order, you were told what time the auto transport carrier will arrive at your pick-up location. Take the driver of the transport truck with you as you inspect your entire vehicle before loading it onto the vehicle. The truck driver will indicate on a form the current state of your car’s damage.
    Here, we strongly advise you to take images of your car from all angles and to check the mileage gauge as well.

    in the begining of car shipping
    after loading the car

    After loading your car

    The car transportation company’s truck driver travels about 600 to 700 miles per day, picking up and dropping off vehicles at the scheduled times. No auto shipping company will contact you to make a reservation until the truck driver is available. This is due to the fact that they pick up and deliver your car at the appointed hour.

    The vehicle shipping provider will provide you with detailed information about the truck driver’s arrival time and location, as well as when and where your car will be delivered. You will be in direct contact with both the truck driver and the car shipping agent throughout this time. You are free to call whenever you wish.

    At the time of delivery

    1) Most automobile shipping companies will phone you in advance of the delivery to determine the location and make the necessary arrangements. Car transportation companies will always make an effort to deliver your car as close as possible to your location. As a result, they call you before delivery to let you know.
    2) Make sure to perform the delivery inspection as soon as your automobile is taken off the car shipment truck. Take pictures of your car from all four sides and inspect it thoroughly. Check your car’s mileage meter at this time as well. Because the company that is transporting your car has insurance, you should report any damage if it occurs.
    3) Congratulation! Your car shipping company has delivered your car. You can drive your car now.

    at the time of delivery of car
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    The best auto transportation company in the country is us. With us, you may ship a car cross-country and obtain the most dependable auto transport service. The finest option for your car’s cross-country transportation is us. Get a free car shipping quote right away or contact us at (951) 336-1699 to learn more about our top-notch auto transport services.

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    FAQ's of Car Shipping

    Location is the primary determinant of pick-up, among other things. Route-based car transport companies have many trucks in some locations while having very few trucks in others. A pickup window, or a range of dates that the vehicle should be picked up within, is typically provided by car shipping businesses. So, if necessary, make sure to talk to a representative regarding your pickup window.

    largely no. The majority of automobile shipping businesses employ what is known as door-to-door service, in which the driver picks up your vehicle at your door and then delivers it to your new home (or where you decided). Some circumstances might require you to drive to a parking lot, but only if the truck is unable to enter the area or is otherwise restricted from doing so (some cities have laws restricting large vehicles from driving in the neighborhood). In this scenario, the driver will request that you move your vehicle to a public area, such as a parking lot. Visit HS Logistics to learn more about this.

    Yes, You will be informed of the name of the carrier and the driver who will be picking up your vehicle as soon as the pick-up time for your vehicle is scheduled. Some regions demand that a local tow truck pick up your automobile and transfer it to a location where your car shipping carrier can readily load it. In cities where the long-distance driver cannot physically reach the pick-up site, this typically occurs.

    Every motor transporter is required by law to have a certain level of cargo and liability insurance. Your insurance is secondary; as long as your automobile is on the car shipping truck, it is covered by that carrier’s insurance.

    Any damage to your car that occurs while it is being transported will be fixed at the expense of the trucking company’s insurance. The driver will go around your car at the pickup location to inspect it and record any damages on a report. This is as a result of the delivery process’s separation of new damage and original. The driver and you will once again inspect your car during delivery, and if any new damage is discovered, it will be noted. This includes images and an estimate of the cost of the repair from the repair shop. The rest will be handled by the insurance provider for the truck.

    Yes. You can give your friend or relative the keys if you are relocating and won’t be there for pick-up so they can take care of it. However, someone needs to be there when your car is picked up and delivered. With the exception of terminal-to-terminal services, where whoever is manning the terminal can both authorize and accept pick-up and delivery.

    Yes. You can inform your car shipping company agent that your vehicle is not in operable condition so they can send it for no additional cost. The inop-fee is the additional cost that the car shipping firm will charge because it takes time and effort for the driver to carefully load your car onto the truck and use tools to secure it.

    No, car transport businesses are only authorized to transport automobiles, not household goods. They can move everything, including household goods and personal items, but not automobiles. All automotive transport trucks must make frequent stops at weight stations to verify the vehicle’s weight. The trucks used to transport cars are limited in weight. Therefore, you must check your automobile before it is picked up and take all household objects off of the seats.

    Yes. Your car can be tracked. At the time of pick-up, you are given the phone number and name of the carrier. To find out where your automobile is, you can also get in touch with the representative of the car transport firm. Anytime you need to, you can track your car.

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