Boat Shipping & Transport Services

Our experience in shipping Boat Services across America is highly availed. With the nest competitive rates, we ship your Yacht, Small or Large Vessel and even your boat. The safest and most trusted name is SM Transport. Years of professional experience, moving vessels intra or interstate, fast and easy, what we expertise in.

Vehicle Shipping Across Country

A few key notes to do before shipping your boat. Secure all possible loose items so that no damage is being done, during the transportation. High resolution photos or videos with HD quality before dismantling or disassembling of the body parts, should be taken. This will help in reassembling the boat, once it reaches its destination.

Remove all the personal belongings before shipping. Thoroughly, clean the interior and exterior and if it is a high end vessel, make sure to get it inspected by a licensed marine surveyor.

Shipping a boat – what to do:

  •  Secure all loose gear above and below deck.

  •  Seal hatches to avoid any possible water damage.

  •  Drain all fuel, water and waste tanks.

  •  Remove drain plugs from the hull.

  •  Disconnect batteries and electronic devices.

  •  Put cables away.

Boat Transport Services for Any Occasion

  • Relocating to a new location – we can ship all kinds of vessels inland or overseas to any point in the US.

  •  Vacation – Count on our experts to ship your boat or jet ski right to your holiday location.

  •  Seasonal boat transportation – SM Transports will make sure that your boat is where you stay for the holiday season.

  •  Out-of-state boat shipping – if you have just bought a new boat, you are planning to sell a vessel, we can help you facilitate the purchase/sale process by providing fast and professional shipping services

Competitive rates with high end services are the key to our success. Successfully shipped more than 200 boats alone in the year 2019 and numbers are rising with each season. Call for a free quote and avail service with our highly experienced shipping coordinators.

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