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How does auto transport work

This guide and easy guide will tell you in 3 simple steps.
Your vehicle is your asset, we get that safely. Our professional staff is always ready to respond to every one of the inquiries of the client, as like “How accomplishes auto shipping work?”. Whether you are purchasing a car online from a car selling website, you need the best auto vehicle company at a fair cost, and with a good rating, you will find hs Logistics car shipping for this.

Our History

Quote and book your order

Visit our website for an online statement or call or start a visit with one of our guides. At moment feel free to look at our administration and costs (we know you need this). We assure you that you would know that our costs are fair.
When you are ready to book us(like a huge number of others have), generally click the link in your email or on-page quote, start a talk with us, or toll-free number (714) 786 6653, to plan your vehicle pickup.
Did we refer to you will not recharge a dime until your pickup is planned. If any inquiries about financing, or need to study our protected installment choices, our guides are ready to help. Just visit us and ask.

We pick up your vehicle

Timetable of your pick up date, time and simple to get to pickup location with your driver. You can even delivery your vehicle while you’re grinding away.

At moment when your driver and you meet up, both of you will assess your vehicle together and sign a bill of loading. After that say bye to your driver and the leave the rest to us.

We’ll take care of your vehicle, and you can check in by utilizing our online chat or calling your driver straightforward to see where your vehicle is at on the trip

Receive your vehicle

Rejoining you and your vehicle is an exciting second and one we hope in hs logistics Car Shipping.

Your driver will call you when your vehicle is near your destination so you can welcome them both right at your drop-off location.

After a full review to ensure that everything is excellent(as we assure you it will). You’ll generally sign the bill of loading for the acknowledgment of transportation.

In short, we can tell you how it works

Get an estimate of cost
Pick-up and delivery


Firstly you get a free car transport quote from our website, or you can call us at our toll-free number (714) 786 6653,. Our professional agent will give you the estimated price of transporting your car across the country. If the estimated fare you like and want to ship your car with us, the agent will decide or plan the schedule of pick-up and delivery with you.



The schedule that you had been done with the shipping agent for the time of the shipping contract, the carrier will come to pick up your vehicle at that schedule to transport your car from state to state, or anywhere in the United States you want. In this shipping journey of your transport car from state to state, you can call us or call the truck’s driver at any time when you want. The truck’s driver will call you one day ago of delivery to make sure availability of yours.
Congratulations! Your vehicle has been delivered safely. Now you can enjoy your car

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How can you make a car transport process better

Start with a car transport quote

Go to our website and get a free car transport quote from there. You will see the cost of transport of your vehicle. You will also get information on call or email from our Shipping agent.


Book your order as soon as possible

To ship your car quickly, book your order as soon as possible because the shipping takes time. You may also book your order online from our website hs Logistics Car Shipping, without calling us.


Ready your vehicle for the move

We recommend that your vehicle should be in good working condition, if possible, and the interior should also be clean. You don’t worry about the exterior of the car because we take care of this. Transport carriers are not licensed for household items, such as music players, mobile phones, clothes that often persons forget in the car. To transport your car from state to state, your vehicle should have 1/4 tank of fuel when it is picked up. Too much fuel can add extra weight which could cause problems for the transporter.

Inspect your vehicle

When you schedule your pick up and delivery with your shipping company, you have some days to order your things. Take the whole inspection of your vehicle at the pick-up spot. Mark the existing damages if any has. Another inspection will be done at the time of delivery. If any new damage, you will see at the time of delivery, mark that damage, and make the damage report because it is vital for your damage claim.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.