Vintage & Classic Vehicle Transport

Classic and Vintage Vehicles are historical timepieces, marking the automobile chronicles. Vintage, antiques and classic vehicles are reminiscent of innovation of automotive engineering, but give great pleasure while we drive them today.

classic vehicle

Importance of Using a Classic Vehicle Transporter

Risk and proper guidance is required when transporting classic, antique vehicles and one should always look for an experienced Classic Vehicle Transporter for such risky jobs. One should not just randomly pick any transporter off the internet. SM Transports Car Ship expertise in arranging shipping of these kinds of valuable classic, antique pieces. Be aware of what you are getting into and what protection they provide:

Enclosed: With completely sealed trailers, your classic vehicle exterior can be protected from the damage from the debris that may fly off the track or surface road. Enclosed sealed carriers are a universal preference for the classic and antique owners.

Insured: Insurance will cover for any damage or loss that may happen while moving your classic or vintage. Inquire on the details of coverage amounts, and contingencies if any.

Experience: Experience transporter in comparison to a regular one is a better option, when putting up with such an important job, that too with expensive vehicles. New comers cannot cope with the safety and security hurdles of your precious cargo.


Essential Pre-Shipping Steps

  • Snap some proofs: Use a high-quality digital camera and take dated, time-stamped photos of every section of your Vehicle. Better yet, take a dated, time-stamped video of the car on the day of shipment.

  • Confirm your insurance coverage: Cover everything from how the Vehicle will be secured, the route taken and the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

  •  Confirm shipping details: Cover everything from how the Vehicle will be secured, the route taken and the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

  •  Stacked Vehicles: Ask if the hauler is going to be stacking vehicles. Require that yours be shipped on the top rack if the transporter does haul double-deck loads.

classic vehicle
classic vehicle

Preparing Your Classic Vehicle for Shipment

  • Go Over the Entire Vehicle: Inspect each and every part of your vehicle inside out, make a list of what’s working what’s not.

  •  Exterior: Check and mark all the exterior features like trim, mirrors, hood ornaments and all other attached parts on the exterior. Note the scratches, list the existing paint job flaws. Attend the chromes with their attachments and check for any missing or loose connector pins holding the chrome in place.

  •  Interior: Capture the complete interior, starting with the headliners, it’s overhead light and overall condition. Check and test the seat adjustments, armrests, dash features and gauges.

  •  Undercarriage: Note the undercarriage. Check brake lines, cables, transmission case and oil pan condition. Make note of any pre-existing dents, scrapes or other damage.

  •  Start the Vehicle: Run the engine and test drive to check the drive ability, steering, braking and handling.

Complete checks to know the overall condition of the vehicle before making the shipment is a good idea. This way any damage caused during shipment can be assessed and dealt with.

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