Vehicle Shipping Cost

The best possible way to get your vehicle from one part to another part of the country is to hire a professional transporting company. Moving permanently or taking a long pending vacation, driving the vehicle for thousands of miles is not always a good option. Instead, transporting should be preferred.


Distance from the pick up point to the destination is a factor, but the mileage is not the actual cause for the expense. No matter where you ship your vehicle, your carrier needs to put up a trailer and a driver to go the distance. The amount of the bill rises, based on what kind of trailer you choose to transport your vehicle, not the actual distance covered.

Type of Vehicle Carrier

Open and enclosed are the two types of carrier used in the shipping transportation industry. The Open ones are mostly used by the customers as they are cheap, but are not weather or dirt proof. Enclosed carriers provides security from all weather and debris, but at a much more higher price tag.

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Vehicle Type and Size

Another key factor contributing to the expense is the type of vehicle you have. Large SUV’s, trucks and modified automobiles are heavier and put extra weight on the carrier type. The more heavier the higher the price tag. If the vehicle is customized and larger in size occupying the space of two vehicles, then be ready to shed more extra dollars for the transportation.

Vehicle Condition

If you plan to transport a vehicle which doesn’t run anymore, then be prepared to pay a bit higher amount than a fully running/drive able vehicle. Non working vehicles need to be handled differently and extra labor is required just to get it on the trailer itself. Think before moving the vehicle.

The Location of your vehicle also matters. If you are living in a well traveled area near an urban center, then the possibility that regular pick up and drop routes are part of that area. If it is a rural area, then the fees are much higher. Better to meet the driver at a convenient pick up location and hand over the keys, this way the transport company may discount your transportation fee to an extent.

Time of Year

Time is everything in the auto shipping business and you wouldn’t want to plan your booking during any major holiday season. You can save money on this.

Due to certain seasonal factors like, snowing, flood, rains and hurricanes certain parts of the country gets affected.

Make sure to keep these things on mind and fix the right date for the transportation of your vehicle.

Date of Delivery

The final cost factor is based on the timeline of the date of delivery. Depending on your requirement, there are express shipping delivery options, but a steep hike in around 30-40% on the basic fee will shoot up and be ready to pay for it.

For less expensive delivery dates, request your vehicle to be picked up on the schedule date or over the time span.

The Bottom Line

Expect the delivery rate to be at 0.35 cents to a 1$/ per mile depending on the distance needed to be covered. The Longer the mile, the cheaper the rate. This way it is more cost effective for the transportation company. Get a quote with the help of our Calculator or call us.

Experienced transporters can help you save money and time, and get the vehicle shipped to your destination hassle free. With SM Transports, be sure to get the best and safest shipping services for your vehicle.

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