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Why do customers choose hs Logistics Car Shipping?

Because we make it simple and easy!
We get your car from your pick-up location. That's the reason our professional staff will set efforts to clarify the vehicle cycle so you can select the best one for you.

Why people keep choosing hs Logistics Car Shipping

The right staff to get it done

Our professional staff has the skill and experience to get your vehicle and transport where you want when you want.

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We provide full protection of your car and guarantee that your car is hidden from pick-up to drop-off location.


the most important thing that matters! we provide a dedicated consultant to refresh and manag you from pick-up to drop-off

Nothing Down, $0

Nothing will be charged until a transporter has been consigned to your vehicle. Book your vehicle today with nothing forthright!

Carriers Nationwide

We have transporters that are fully protected and valued. With many transporters whole the country we have a transporter for each session.

extended hours

Our team of professional are 24/7 available for you

hs Logistics Car Shipping is the top car transport company.

Best Reputation

Review rating of our clients, auto shipping services, and customer services that we provide to our clients make us the best top car transport company in the United States. Our best services and easy car shipping methods makes our reputation best and top.

Our Moves

Continued success in the field of auto shipping makes us a good brand and top car transport company in the United States. In the last three months, we transport 1000 cars. The easy auto shipping services of our company make us the best that customers look for.

Rated with five stars

HS logistics Car Shipping is one of the top car transport companies in the United States. Customers include thousands of satisfied people, that give us a five-star rating and are happy to work with us. We are a fully licensed and insured broker, with a five-star review rating.

More growth, more hires

With the continued success of hs Logistics Car Shipping, we hire more professional auto shipping agents for our consumers.

Increment in the shipping

We are arranging more transport for the shipping of more vehicles because we want to complete the need of shipping of everyone.

Our website

We make our website with the latest technology and so much easy for the consumers of auto shipping. So this makes easy car shipping for everyone.

Improvement in technology

hs LogisticsCar Shipping will always find new ways for their customers for providing them with the best way to ship a car across the country. hs Logistics Car Shipping formed a partnership with professional software developers that works for the betterment of technology and making the process of auto shipping more easy.

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Take a tour and see how the greatest logistic company in USA works

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Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is for HS LOGISTICS CAR SHIPPING to become the standard by which all
vehicle-shipping is measured, servicing the widest range of clients and
locations worldwide.” The service will be available from an extensive network
across multiple delivery platforms in North America; Canada; Europe & Middle
East; Asia-Pacific & Oceania. Our mission is to deliver a 4-star+ vehicle-
shipping experience by blending innovative logistics solutions with our team’s
commitment to service excellence. We’re passionate about the role these
highly skilled and resourceful employees play in helping us achieve this goal.
The company was founded in 2007 and currently has offices in CA It offers direct business pickup trucks with cargo room on its website. Each
truck comes complete built-to tricks or assembled by employees through the
manufacturing process designed to be reliable enough to travel long distances
without needing any maintenance except perhaps cleaning after every trip

  • Fast ServiceA wonderful serenity has taken pos.session of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy.
  • 100% AccuracyA wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy.
  • Safety & GuaranteeA wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy.

That's why

Our endmost goal is to make hs LogisticsCar Shipping a standard for all the auto shipping vehicles in the United States. Provides the best way to ship a car across the country as easy as the delivery of pasta. Our team will always find ways to make auto shipping easy for our consumers.

We will achieve it by

Adhere to that which makes us successful. At hs Logistics Car Shipping, we aim to deliver the vehicle with a five-star rating that shows our excellence in auto shipping.


Our beliefs

We are continuously working on the betterment of auto shipping, and we are never afraid of taking bold steps, to improve the processes and communication.Working honestly shows the mutual trust of clients when they are talking with the hs LogisticsCar Shipping team member.We believe that consumers of hs Logistics Car Shipping take the benefits of easy auto shipping processes, and the latest technology tools that we provide to our clients.